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Press Releases

Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to sign letter of intent to form a joint venture that will develop and market orphan drugs

Fairfeild, NJ-April 5, 2000-Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: BPRX) today announced the initiation of intent between Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Bradley Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in the formation of a joint venture to be know as BPPharma, Inc. The new organization will jointly review opportunities to treat topic diseases and topical manifestations of metabolic diseases, through opportunities available under orphan drug designations, BPPharma, Inc. will utilize Bradley's existing sales marketing and technical infrastructure combined with Pediatrics' experience bringing new drugs to market. Pediatric Pharmaceuticals recently received approval from the FDA to launch CAFCIT with Roxanne Laboratories, a division of Boehringer Ingleheim.

The joint venture will seek funding from available sources in government and other organizations or individuals that seek to invest in development projects that have pharmacological implications in narrow band indications.

Bradley Pharmaceuticals Inc., President and CEO, Daniel Glassman, stated, "We are very excited to move forward on this project very quickly, subject to culmination of due diligence, finalization of contracts, and receiving appropriate Board of Directors' authorizations. The sales and marketing strength of Bradley, combined with Pediatrics' knowledge and expertise in New Drug Applications, in particular, orphan drugs, will put BPPharma Inc. in an extraordinary position to capture significant market share in highly specialized areas of dermatological skincare therapies." Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc., President Robert C. Stites, stated, "Pediatric has aligned itself with a sales and marketing organization which will allow it to penetrate niche markets in a big way. The size of Bradley's sales force will guarantee coverage of BPPharma's brands, when approved, to every high-potential specialist in the country.

The initial management of BPPharma will be compromised of a staff selected by Bradley and Pediatric, with both Robert Stites and Daniel Glassman dedicating a major portion of their available time during the formative stages of BPPharma. Finalization of the contract is expected to occur prior to may 1, 2000. Approved products available fro this joint venture, when established, could be marketed within 30 months.


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